New proposed legislation

A new legislation is proposed that governs the change of legal sex (SOU 2007:16).

Coming talks

Our coming talks on DSD during 2008.

New Proposed Legislation

In March 2007 a new law (SOU 2007:16) was proposed that directly affects people born with DSD.

A number of organisations have critizied this proposed law: RFSU, RFSL, Children's Ombudsman (Barnombudsmannen) and the DSD team at Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital.

INIS submitted a number of objections to this proposed law.

The main points of these objections are:

  • Medical or surgical interventions such as removal of the gonads must not be put as a legal claim (this could lead to very tragic consequences for people with 5 alpha reductase);
  • The claim that the person in question must wait until he or she is of 18 years of age in order to get a new legal sex must be removed from the law--if a mistake has been made, it must be corrected as soon as the mistake has become apparent;
  • If you have been given a new legal sex, then, in consequence, you must have a legal right to have your exams and other paper of your education reflect your new sex (your new name and social security number) whenever that is possible. The new proposed law denies all your rights in this matter.

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